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An Afternoon with the Bodily Family | Fremont California Lifestyle Photographer

Written By:

Maryam Salassi

Sep 21, 2018

I have one kid. And that kid is a girl. So when Amber contacted me to do an adventure session with her family and mentioned she had three boys I didn’t know what to expect. Lucky for me, they were awesome! The boys had just the right balance of energy and listening skills that make for a fun-filled family photography session. The two older boys were mindful of the littlest and were so comfortable in front of the camera.

The family lives near the Alameda Creek Trail so we decided to spend our time in the places they spend most of theirs. That meant walking the trail, checking out trees perfect for climbing, then walking to the train in downtown Niles. Let me tell ya, if you live in the Niles District you know that train well!

We had a wonderful time and photographing the Bodily family at golden hour was such a treat! I usually schedule sessions in the morning because I photograph a lot of babies and toddlers who are happiest in the morning, but I loved that lovely light we experienced! If you’d love to schedule a fall family session (at golden hour or any other time!), get in touch!

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