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Mom Life: Pancake Breakfast | Palo Alto Family Lifestyle Photography

Written By:

Maryam Salassi

Apr 3, 2016

As a mom, I know two things: how fleeting the time you have with your kids is (they say they grow up so fast but you have no idea until you have a child), and how hard it is to get in pictures with your kids. The idea for my #MomLife sessions first blossomed when I realized I had very few pictures of my time with my daughter from her baby and toddler years other than the occasional selfie or cell phone picture.

I felt mournful for not having proper photographs to document all the normal, routine things we did together like bathtime, reading books, visiting the library, hanging out at the park. I have my memories, but who knows how long those will last, not to mention, our minds are not perfect. It feels silly to be so sad about it, but I want to be able to document those special, mundane moments for other moms (and dads!).

I was able to do a #momlife session for my friend Bahia a few months ago (I’m wayyyy behind on blogging, y’all). I came over one morning and just hung out documenting the girls making pancakes together, reading, and playing together. Watching them interact, the tenderness and quiet sweetness was a treat to witness.

These sessions are perfect for creating albums that you can pass down to your kids as they grow older, or printing your favorites and creating a gallery wall of your favorite moments together. I’m a big believer in having physical copies of my favorite family moments. There’s just something special about holding a memory in your hands, the weight and feel of the paper. If you’re interested in booking a Mom Life session and would love to chat more about it over coffee, drop me a line or send me a message!

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