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Sweet and Simple First Birthday Session | San Ramon Family Photographer

Written By:

Maryam Salassi

Dec 7, 2017

When a client requests a cake smash session, I brace myself. A lot of people have the idea of an elaborate cake smash with a fancy cake and fluffy clothing and balloons, banners, the whole nine yards. So when I spoke with Vanessa, I was happy to hear that she wanted to go with a more simple approach. We were going to do a family session before the cake, and instead of an elaborate setup, she decided to go with a pretty but simple slice of wood for the platter, and a homemade cake for the smashing bit.

We spent some time exploring Bishop Ranch Regional Preserve, taking pictures and checking out the cool rocks and the woods. We headed back out as it got dark and found a pretty little spot near the entrance where we brought out the blueberry frosted cake. Big sister was more than happy to teach brother about the joys of frosting and we just spent time together watching the kiddos playing with the textures and flavors and generally enjoying themselves.

I loved that they were happy with this low key approach to a first birthday rite of passage, and I would definitely love to do something like this again! If you’d like to book a session to commemorate your little one’s milestones, I’d love to talk to you! You can reach me by clicking here.

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