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Single Mom Photo Session at Elizabeth Gamble Gardens | Palo Alto Family Photographer

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Maryam Salassi

Aug 21, 2017

Back in May I participated in a giveaway organized by Cristin More Photography. We gave away sessions to single moms around the Bay Area. Amy was nominated by her daughter Pam, and won!

Pam wrote in:

There aren’t enough childhood stories or memories that I could share in this nomination to convey or how deserving my mother is to receive such a lovely gift this Mother’s Day. How my mother raised us 4 girls by herself, I will never know.  Always a full-time working mom, she also ran a household, made sure we all went to the best schools, signed us up for extracurricular activities and music lessons, and took us to birthday parties and trips to Disneyland during the summer. She has always encouraged me and my 3 younger sisters to dream big and that we can truly be whatever we want to be in life. She is fiercely protective of her daughters and I have watched her time and time again put herself last before everyone else’s needs. I would love for her to receive a gift of an amazing photo session where her light and her love is truly able to be captured forever. She deserves so much for what she has given to all of us over the years and she would really treasure these memories.

When I got in touch with Pam to schedule the session, she mentioned that one of her sisters lived on the East Coast. We decided to find out when she would visit next and scheduled to session for when all four sisters could be here (I didn’t want to leave anyone out!). We met up at Elizabeth Gamble Gardens in Palo Alto on a Friday evening, just as the sun was making its descent.

I had such a wonderful time meeting this family and spending time with them, I could just feel the love and bonds between them. It was such a great experience and it was a privilege to be able to to do this for Amy.

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