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New beginnings and life in the backyard | Fremont Family Photographer

Written By:

Maryam Salassi

May 8, 2017

We’ve been living in Fremont for about two and a half years now, and had been living in the same apartment since moving to the Bay Area. We had been looking for a rental house but couldn’t really find anything in our price range that we actually wanted to move to (because moving is a whole thing, y’all). I think the biggest thing we missed from leaving our house in Dallas was the backyard and being able to kick the kiddo and pup outside while making dinner, or doing laundry, or reading a book so it has been on our wishlist when looking for a house here.

A month and a half ago a friend of mine posted on a local mom group that her neighbor had put a house up for rent. It was in our price range and just down the street so we already were familiar with the neighborhood, it wasn’t any further from school, and wouldn’t add any time to my husband’s commute. We went to look at it and immediately fell in love. The house is super cute, though tiny, and has a huuuuuge backyard which we were all excited about. We discussed and made the decision to break our current lease (ouch) in favor of moving into a house.

We moved and then headed to Texas the following week so I’m still unpacking and trying to find places for everything. We definitely had to downsize (the house is 200 square feet smaller than our apartment!), but it’s been worth it. I took a few photographs of the pretty plants in the back and we have plans to add vegetable boxes and more plants in the back.

I’m really looking forward to decorating and really making this space our own. I’ve been pinning pretty spaces for inspiration and printing photographs that I want to hang up in the house. I can’t wait to share more as we settle in!

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