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Baby Bayani | Palo Alto Baby Shower Event Photographer

Written By:

Maryam Salassi

Aug 29, 2016

I shared a baby shower I had the pleasure of photographing last week, but that was actually the second baby shower I photographed in one whirlwind weekend! The first was thrown by a friend for another friend which is really the best kind of baby shower to photograph in my opinion (just kidding, I love them all!).  This particular shower was thrown in another friend’s gorgeous backyard in Palo Alto.

The lovely ladies who planned the event pulled out all the stops and transformed the backyard into a festive oasis celebrating the beautiful mama to be. My favorite little detail were the miniature animals painted gold, I mean seriously, how gorgeous are those little nuggets??? The day was full of good cheer and well wishes and jokes and silliness. As it should be. I think the thing I love most about baby showers is the love that’s poured onto the mother to be. The celebration of our ability to create and carry life. It’s kind of an incredible thing, don’t you think?

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