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Off to the Races | Seaside California CCCX Race

Written By:

Maryam Salassi

Aug 3, 2016

My husband is into bikes. Like, bicycles. Like, ride 100+ miles a week into bicycles. I think he’s slightly crazy but I’m supportive because he’s supportive of me and we both are into expensive pieces of equipment. It’s how marriage works.

Anyhoo, M and I try to go to as many of his races as we can, especially when they’re a bit further than usually because we like to explore, so when he mentioned a road race in Seaside we couldn’t say no. We loaded up the car with gear and snacks (because duh), and hit the road. The race was at this weird military area that had areas marked off with barbed wire warning of explosives. So that was exciting!

The thing about road races is you usually don’t see the person you’re cheering on very often during the race, but this one was set up as kind of a circuit race so we actually saw my husband quite a few times during the race which was nice. The rest of the time we walked up and down the road and hung out with some of the other spectators (a few of who we knew).

All in all he ended getting 6th place which isn’t too shabby! It was a great day and I can’t wait until the next race to cheer him on. Yay bikes!

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