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Kid’s Room Decor Ideas: Displaying Photos

Written By:

Maryam Salassi

Jul 2, 2024

Coming up with kid’s room decor ideas can be super fun, but where do you start?

I love the idea of displaying family photos as a way to decorate your kiddo’s room—not just because they look adorable, but because studies have shown that displaying your family photos in the home can actually have a positive impact on your child’s self esteem. It’s a win-win!

There are plenty of fun ways to display photos, so don’t feel like you have to stick with the typical method of sticking a photo in a frame and placing it on the dresser. Instead, get creative with your kid’s room decor and try one of these more unique photo display ideas!

Photo Display Idea #1: Engineer Prints

Go big or go home! Engineer prints are an easy, affordable and unique way of displaying photos in your kid’s room.

Have a photo or collage of your choice printed on a 3 x 4 ft piece of extra-light yet strong paper and hang it with trendy wood poster rails or clips. I love engineer prints because they’re so customizable and chic.

Make sure that you’re using high resolution photos to avoid pixelation. Professional family photos work best! 

Photo Display Idea #2: Corkboard Frame

If you’d rather keep things on the smaller side with big impact, displaying Polaroid and other small photos on a corkboard are a great kid’s room decor option!

Corkboards are super easy to find, and they have the awesome ability to let your child’s personality shine. They can decide what they want to display, and easily switch photos out when it’s time for a refresh!

Photo Display Idea #3: Wall Collages

If you have frames kickin’ around to use, why not make a wall collage? I like mixing art with a few choice photos to really show off your child’s personality and likes. I even like to incorporate some of their own artwork because once you frame it it starts to look elevated and worthy of wall space (as it is!).

There are plenty of inventive framed collage decor ideas online. Some use mismatched frames that still go well together or incorporate other types of wall decor as well. I happen to like sticking with one type of frame because of the clean look but you can totally get creative with it!

Photo Display Idea #4: Wood Prints

Wood prints are becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why! They’re customizable and go perfectly with a variety of decor styles. 

It’s probably one of my favorite kid’s room decor ideas because it’s unique but still looks great in pretty much any room. 

Photo Display Idea #5: Large Framed Prints

Another interesting spin on classic family photo decor is to really blow ‘em up. Have some extra large prints made and put them in a minimalist frame, and you’ll end up with something really eye-catching and special. Personally I like a 24×36 poster size to really drive the point home, but anything larger than 18×24 looks amazing on a wall.

I especially love when people use large prints to display photos that capture their family authentically—raw, candid moments that really leave an impact.

Photo Display Idea #6: Mixtiles

Mixtiles are a great kid’s room decor idea because they’re affordable and so easy!

Just pick the photos you want (straight off your phone—there’s an app!), and they’ll be shipped to your door, already framed and ready to stick on the wall. No nails, marks or mess, and you can move them around whenever you please.

Family Photographs in the Bay Area

Before you can put any of these kids room photo decor ideas to use, you’ll need to get your hands on some awesome family photos!

If you’re interested in working with a family photographer in the Bay Area who captures your family in an authentic way—fun, imperfect and full of love—let’s chat

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