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5 Reasons to do Family Photos At Home

Written By:

Maryam Salassi

Dec 30, 2022

When you’re deciding on a location for annual photos, have you ever thought of doing your yearly family photos at home? Yes, I know, we live in a gorgeous part of the country with beautiful locations all over the Bay Area. But really, is there anything more beautiful than the place you spend the most time with the people you love? Here are my top five reasons to do your family photos at home: 

1. You get to have documented proof of the place your child is growing up.

From their art on the walls, their favorite books, the places they hide and their favorite stuffies. Doing your family photos at home means kids are in the space they feel most comfortable and they tend to warm up much quicker than if we were to meet someplace new.

black and white Photo of a young girl pulling on the cord to open the blinds of her bedroom window
color film photo of young girl sitting in a bear chair reading a paperback copy of the book Matilda
young girl sitting at her desk reading a magazine about the Titanic
family photos at home of a young girl jumping on her bed which has stickers all over the footboard

2. You have documentary proof of the time you put in as a parent.

Playing together, cooking together, feeding your kids, dance parties…the list goes on! All those things you do together at home? We can photograph them for posterity! We can plan to document literally any part of your routine…and if you’re feeling bold we can even plan for a Day in the Life session which starts when the kids wake up to when they go to bed. What a gift to be able to document a literal day in your life and have that story for your kids to see as they grow up.

black and white photo of a family at home in their living room playing with a puzzle

3. Sessions are about having fun and ignoring the camera.

The biggest complaint I hear about families having photos done is that they don’t want to pose or feel stiff in front of the camera. While I do try to get one photo of everyone together looking at the camera, most of the session is devoted to just being ourselves. Like I said above, there is no pressure to perform and the goal is to end up with photos that really look like your family and feel like the memories you’re making here and now. What that translates to is stress-free and relaxed vibes for everyone involved and lots of fun!

4. When we do your session at home we can incorporate a walk around the neighborhood, spend time in your backyard or hang on the front porch. 

These spots are just as special as your favorite rooms inside and can make for great variety in your final gallery. Have some gorgeous bougainvillea in your backyard? Or a field of wildflowers down the street? Let’s get creative and use them in your session!

5. Last but not least, the best reason to take your family photos at home is that this time is fleeting and each memory is precious.

There is something very sentimental and nostalgic about a childhood home, and having photos in it means more and more as your child gets older. You start to forget all the funny little things kids collect, how they put stickers everywhere or taped their art to the walls. It’s all meaningful and beautiful and deserves to be documented.

If you’re ready to book a family documentary session in Oakland or anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’d love to chat! Get in touch here and we’ll talk soon.

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