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Who doesn’t love a quickie? | Bay Area Mini Sessions

Written By:

Maryam Salassi

Aug 18, 2020

I know Bay Area mini sessions tend to be popular. Sometimes all you need is a refresher so you remember what your family looks like, I get it. As a photographer, I find mini sessions stressful for a number of reasons: the short amount of time (usually 15-20 minutes) puts a lot of pressure on me AND you, seeing clients back to back to back makes things feel hectic and if you’ve had a full session with me you’ll know I’m all about hanging out and relaxing together.

Instead of these high stress 15-20 minutes Bay Area Mini Sessions, I’m introducing an alternative that allows for a short session time and lower price point, while still providing awesome, love-filled images that are perfect for holiday cards, family photo updates, or just a way to document your love for your family. I’m calling these Quickie Sessions and I’m SO EXCITED about them!

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Since these sessions are booked one at a time, it’s less stressful than a traditional back to back mini session. We will have some time to chat instead of rushing you out of the metaphorical door. They’ll be on weekday mornings because if you’ve been anywhere in the Bay Area on a weekend recently, you’ll know that everyone else in the Bay Area will also be out. Basically, weekday sessions ensure more privacy and less worry regarding social distancing! Plus, who doesn’t love playing hooky every once in a while?

These sessions will be offered twice a year: Summer and Fall. Summer sessions will be at Crown Beach in Alameda so bring your favorite beach blanket, swimsuits, striped beach towels, beach toys, snacks, and make a morning of it. Fall sessions will be at Knowland Park in Oakland.

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Quickie Sessions are priced a bit higher than your typical mini session BUT it also means I will have only you and your family on my mind. You will be my top priority! And you’ll still get a wonderful range of images, and collections with both digital files and print credits. Plus you get a full half hour of time with me. Think of it like the kid sibling of the Family Session.

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Quickie Session Pricing

Quickie Sessions start at $750 and include a 30 minute session and a number of digital files depending on the collection you choose. There is a $250 retainer due at booking to get a spot on my calendar, and once you’ve seen your photos you choose from one of the following Collections:


The After School Collection – $1250  ($250 retainer + $1000 collection)

Includes access to your gallery + all digital files + $250 print credit.

The Home Room Collection – $1000  ($250 retainer + $750 collection)

Includes access to your gallery + 20 digital files + $100 print credit.

The Recess Collection – $750  ($250 retainer + $500 collection)

Includes access to your gallery + 10 digital files + $50 print credit.


Sessions will take place at a specific location twice a year (during the month of July, and during the Month of October).

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