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6 Cool Magazines for Kids

Written By:

Maryam Salassi

Jun 22, 2020

Growing up there was a lack of cool magazines for kids. I remember seeing Highlights at the dentist office but apart from that it was seriously slim pickings! There wasn’t much out there that really piqued my interest or was well-designed and fun to look at. Lucky for kids today, there are some really great magazines out there that are both entertaining and educational.

Check out these 6 cool magazines for kids, all designed to educate and empower!

Bravery Magazine

Bravery Magazine is printed quarterly with a goal to empower kids to “dream, learn, do and become their own kind of brave”. 

This is one of my favorite magazines for kids because it’s full of resources and tackles meaningful subjects in an accessible way that kids can understand and relate to. It uses stories and fun activities to engage youngsters and teaches them important traits like patience, curiosity, and resilience. The design factor is at a 10 and there is even a parent resource in the back of every issue.

Another thing I love about Bravery Magazine is that they feature a different female role model in each issue. The focus is on accomplishments and they do a good job at including diversity in their content. The magazine is great for both boys and girls. If you’re a homeschooler, check out their companion guides that offer more resources and activities!

Kazoo Magazine

Kazoo Magazine is geared specifically towards girls aged 5 to 12. This quarterly magazine aims to celebrate girls “for being strong, smart, fierce and, above all, true to themselves”.

This magazine for girls was created by a mom and her daughter. When they couldn’t find a magazine to read together, they decided to create their own! How cool is that? 

Kazoo Magazine enlists strong female influences to help create their stories and features. It’s full of fun activities like experiments, comics, art projects, interviews, recipes, and more. I love knowing that my daughter has hours of educational, inspirational, ad-free entertainment in her hands whenever we receive a new issue of Kazoo. 

Aquila Magazine

Aquila Magazine is full of “big ideas for inquisitive kids” and while it’s geared towards 8 to 12 year olds, there’s a good chance that you could learn a few things from each issue as well! The issues are super interesting and I actually love reading them myself. 

Aquila is perfect for kids who love to learn. It teaches kids about science, history and general knowledge with fun activities, articles, puzzles, and illustrations. Aquila’s content is challenging yet accessible, and really encourages self-motivated learning—an excellent skill for any kiddo! 

Honest History Magazine

Honest History is the perfect magazine for the kid who loves history and adventure. This quarterly features facts, vocabulary, and stories about historical figures among other things. I will say we have a few issues so far and the historical aspect tends to be Euro-centric so I try to provide a balanced view by introducing other resources. 

That being said, the magazine has sparked some interesting discussions in our house and I think it’s one to consider! If you’re a homeschooler, the Honest History Blog has a great article about incorporating the magazine in your morning baskets or unit studies.

Bright Lite Magazine

Bright Lite is the magazine I wish existed when I was a preteen. What makes it unique is that it’s made up of reader-generated content, so it’s created by girls, for girls! It definitely has a zine feel to it which I love, and my daughter can relate a lot to the content since it’s written by kids around her age. I will say some of the subject matter can be a little bit more appropriate for middle school kids, just a heads up!

Bright Lite Magazine accepts submissions in the form of photos, essays, journal entries, drawings, comics, letters and more. It’s a safe space for young women to share their stories and ideas. Each issue follows a relatable theme, helping to ignite inspiration.

The magazine is printed bi-annually, but they also offer plenty of online resources like videos, quizzes and articles. 

Mighty Kind Magazine

Mighty Kind Magazine is a fairly new publication that focuses on inspiring a global community of kids who care. Each issue features a different country in the world, and includes a “Big Idea” section that encourages critical thinking and self-development. My favorite part of the magazine is the Service section which encourages kids to do something for their community.

This is another great magazine for homeschoolers and you can easily incorporate it into your curriculum at various grade levels.

Magazines for Kids Should be Empowering!

The world that kids grow up in these days isn’t always easy! From the pressures of social media, to the lack of strong diverse representation in media, it’s easy for kids to become insecure at a young age.

It’s so important to make sure that kids have access to content that will teach them to be happy, kind, confident humans. They shouldn’t feel a need to apologize for being themselves! They need to hear voices that encourage them to think big, be brave, and love themselves for who they are. I hope these 6 cool magazines for kids inspire your kids in big ways.

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