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Baby Ari | Bay Area Fresh 48 Newborn Session

Written By:

Maryam Salassi

Mar 27, 2020

Gather ’round kids and I’ll tell you a story. Before all the hospitals started seriously locking down visitors, there was such a thing as a Fresh 48 Newborn Session. What was that, you ask? It was a session that happened at the hospital that kiddos like you were born in, before families went home to fend for themselves. Moms and dads would text their photographer to let them know they were at the hospital, and again when baby was born. Then their photographer would head on over to the hospital to document those first precious moments with their little bundle of joy. It was a happy and overwhelming and wonderful thing to witness!

Ok, so this is a bit tongue in cheek but now that we are living in the time of COVID-19, I’ve been wondering how things will change for the way a Fresh 48 newborn session is handled in the future. Will we all eventually go back to “normal”? Will we be able to even continue doing in hospital sessions? Will newborn sessions exclusively take place at home from now on? It’s hard to know what the future holds at this time but I really do hope that in a few months things will start to settle and I’ll be back at the hospital documenting the first hours of sweet newborn lives.

Anyway, as we all ride out this crazy virus and try to handle being at home 24/7, I hope you enjoy these photos of baby Ari, who was the sweetest little newborn nugget.


collage of newborn in hospital photos Collage of photos of a fresh 48 newborn session with family at the hospital

collage of newborn hospital photos

  1. […] Fresh 48 Sessions take place at the hospital or place of birth, and occur within 48 hours of the birth. The goal is to really capture all the new squishiness and these sessions are perfect for parents who want to remember every little detail of those first chaotic couple days.  […]

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