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5 Minute Photo Session | San Francisco Bay Area Photographer

Written By:

Maryam Salassi

Jul 2, 2018

I drive past this wall at least once a day, and every time I think to myself “I should stop and take some quick photos.” And every time I just keep on driving. Well, I finally made it a point to do it. Fueled by my personal project (52 Fridays) I packed my camera and headed to pick up my daughter after school. I told her I intended to stop and do some quick photos at the wall and she was excited but nervous (there may or may not be a no trespassing sign nearby).

We parked on the street, jumped out of the car, ran to the wall, took photos for 5 minutes then ran back to the car and jumped back in. It was actually really fun and exciting and a great way to spend a little mother-daughter bonding. Plus we ended up with some pretty sweet shots. Win-win!

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