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Location Scouting: Bedwell Bayfront Park | Menlo Park Family Photographer

Written By:

Maryam Salassi

Feb 6, 2017

Yesterday my kiddo and I were headed to a birthday party on the peninsula. As we drove towards Marsh Road and the 101, I spotted a little park off of 84 that had some rolling hills and noticed a few people running and walking. On our way back from the party, we decided to stop and explore a bit, and I’m so glad we did! The rain has treated this little park well, and the hills sent their thanks in the form of lots of lush green grass and sprinkles of wildflowers and clover.

It was a bit muddy in spots but we survived relatively unscathed. We enjoyed feeling the wind in our hair, stretching our legs, and finding some pretty flowers. This would be the perfect spot for a maternity session, or a fun family session to fly kites! I’m trying to find new outdoor spots for on-location sessions and I think this one just made my list.

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