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M + I One Year Session | Belmont Family Session

Written By:

Maryam Salassi

Nov 21, 2016

A year ago, I had the pleasure of photographing a pair of twins in their home in Belmont. 10 months later, their sweet mama sent me a message asking if we could schedule a session to document their first birthday to which I happily agreed! I absolutely love seeing my newborn clients grow up and witness how quickly their little bodies and personalities change! These beautiful babes were just as calm and chilled out as they were as newborns and we had a great time soaking in the warm weather at Twin Pines park.

These two little ones love the little playground towards the back of the park and spend a good amount of time in the swings, crawling through the little playground tunnel and navigating the slide. They love walking in their parents’ arms through the shady trees and over the little bridge. It was a pleasure being able to photograph them in a place that they spend time and will continue to grow up in. Documenting this milestone in a place that is significant to them is a great way to tell the story of their journey from babyhood into childhood.

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