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Mini Sessions

Written By:

Maryam Salassi

Oct 10, 2016

If you’ve been thinking about booking an in-home session but have been on the fence, I have a deal for you! From now until November 18, I am booking 20-minute in-home minis! This is the perfect way to capture your family in the place you spend the most time, at a fraction of my regular price! Choose a cute one of everyone on the couch, or hanging out on mom and dad’s bed for a unique and personal holiday card, or pick your five favorite images to create a gorgeous gallery wall for your home (I offer complimentary design services to create a gallery wall that is unique to your home and family, prints and canvases sold separately).

If you’d love to book a session, send me an email so we can chat more about dates and times! I only have a couple of weekend dates available, but definitely have weekdays free so feel free to take a personal day to hang with the fam!

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