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Family Photos on Film

Dec 2, 2022

When you think about documenting your everyday, do you think about taking family photos on film? I don’t think most people do. After all, film kind of fell out of favor when digital cameras started to become more mainstream. The ease of taking a million photos without paying for film or developing or printing out […]

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Pros and Cons of Quickie Sessions vs. Full-Length Sessions

Jan 4, 2022

What’s the difference between a 30 minute Quickie family photo session and a 90 minute full-length session? As an Oakland family photographer, I get asked this question a lot! The answer is basically that it depends on what you’re looking to get out of your photo session. In this blog, I’ll quickly break down the […]

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Afternoon at Mills Canyon Park – Family Session on Film

Dec 7, 2021

A few months ago, I spent an afternoon at Mills Canyon Park photographing a pretty great family of four. If you’ve ever hiked with a toddler you know to keep your expectations low and to bring lots of snacks. This session was shot on film and the family was open to trying some more artistic […]

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light leaked photo of family of five


Saying Goodbye to San Francisco | Bay Area Family Photographer

Nov 9, 2020

A few months ago my friend Amy announced she was saying goodbye to San Francisco and moving clear across the country to New York. She and her family wanted to get some photos done to remember their time here and wanted some photos with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in the background (because what’s more […]

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Bay Area Family Session: Indoors or Outdoors?

Oct 19, 2020

So you’re thinking about booking a Bay Area family session—Hooray! Family photos are something you’ll never regret doing. Not only are they one of the best ways to preserve important memories (time flies by so quickly when you’re busy raising littles!), but they’re a fun experience (I promise!) to share with your family.  Once you’ve […]

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family of 5 on the beach with two boys running towards camera


4 Awesome Bay Area Outdoor Family Photo Locations

Oct 5, 2020

We’ve all been stuck inside for months, and because of Covid being outdoors feels safer than doing a session indoors. Being able to get outside and have fun with my families is definitely a huge perk of my job, and it helps that the Bay Area has SO MANY amazing outdoor photo spots. As a […]

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family of four snuggled tight on a couch with their dog


Family Photo Session: How to Prepare

Aug 24, 2020

Does a family photography session sound a wee bit intimidating? It’s understandable to feel that way, especially if you’ve never done one before—but family photo sessions can be crazy fun and really easy if parents just follow a few simple guidelines to make sure they’re prepared! Not only can the experience itself be a blast, […]

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mom lifting baby in the air with dad standing behind her smiling up at baby


Who doesn’t love a quickie? | Bay Area Mini Sessions

Aug 18, 2020

I know Bay Area mini sessions tend to be popular. Sometimes all you need is a refresher so you remember what your family looks like, I get it. As a photographer, I find mini sessions stressful for a number of reasons: the short amount of time (usually 15-20 minutes) puts a lot of pressure on […]

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Mini Session: Mama and Me

Aug 17, 2020

Earlier this year I had been planning my most exciting mini session offer to date: mama and me sessions in my studio in San Jose. I had handpainted props and set elements, I’d put a deposit down on set pieces (not pictured) and I shot some promo images that I was going to use to […]

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