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At home Session in Los Altos Hills | Bay Area Fun Family Photographer

Written By:

Maryam Salassi

Sep 28, 2020

girl hanging from gymnastics rings in play room girl swinging from gym rings in play roomkids hanging from gymnastics rings in play room mom and dad sitting on bed with baby and toddler hugging them mom holding baby and sitting back to back with dad on bed family of five sitting on bed and snuggling chubby baby laying on blanket mom sitting on bed with baby while dad sits on floor looking at them mom sitting on bed holding baby mom holding baby and looking down hallway at children kids playing with window screens mom dad and baby on couch with older kids standing behind chubby baby on mom's lap family of five reading together on couch mother breastfeeding on couch and talking with daughter family of five in living room birds eye view of baby crying on rug while older sister watches from the side mom and dad standing while older kids run around them mom holding baby and looking up at dad family of five outside at sunset family of five outdoors with sun flare mom holding up chubby baby kids playing outside mom kneeling outside with two kids two kids playing with floating white balls mom helping son with swing boy outside pointing to the side of the camera dad holding chubby baby

  1. CJ says:

    What a lovely family. I enjoy these “real life” photos so much. There’s beauty in our lives that’s so easy to miss if you aren’t looking.

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